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I woke up,yet again,covered in sweat and screaming because of a dream that had plagued me for three weeks.I looked at I digital clock and sighed heavily.

3:45 a.m.

Oh my god,why is this happening.I JUST WANT SOME FREAKIN' SLEEP!!"

It wasn't fair.Why did I have to have such an overactive mind in my sleep?I have classes in a few hours for Christ sakes!I can't spend every night doing this.And it's really hard for me to stay awake if I'm lacking sleep.This Is not healthy.

"Stupid dream."I mumbled angrily as my head fell back on my pillow."What's up in there brain?Are you losing it?"

My Aunt Sango had told me once that if a dream reoccurred for longer than two days it was destined to happen.I didn't believe it, but it was starting to scare me now.Three weeks was way longer than two days and the dream seemed way too likely to happen excluding one thing;an old friend of mine kept popping up in the dream.That didn't seem real because he was long dead.I saw it when I watched his house collapse from raging flames.There was no funeral; no bodies were found when the fire was put out.The crazy thing was that I had just left from his house just ten minutes before.Some thought it was me for a while,but that died down quickly when they realized they were putting the blame on a five-year old girl who was his closest friend.In fact, I think I was his only friend.same went for me.Most kids found it weird that a human boy had golden eyes.Even half demons called him weird for it and they were weirder than him.

I close my eyes trying not think about anymore.It was hard being without my best friend.He was always there for me when people picked on me for my special powers.I'm a miko,but I'm not like the others.I'm a demonic miko,meaning I have the blood of a demon and a miko flowing in me.They would call me "raven-bull" or "feather freak" because I sprout horns and wings when I get angry or upset about something.I couldn't quite control that yet so it couldn't be helped at the time.

But enough of that sad crap.I need to get back to sleep.If I come late to class again,I'm dead meat.

Sorry it came so late.Classes started back up for me and let me tell you guys now college is no joke.Neither is my boss.Yanagi (Ugh) 
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kyla tims
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I'm 18 years old.i'm from miami florida and i love anime. i've been watching it since i was 8 years old. i even draw anime and manga as well.

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